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About Us

The Asian Business Information (ABI) database contains over 45,500+ company presentations and is a continuously updated archive of proprietary publicly quoted company presentations. Users can track and download presentations of over 3,000 companies across Asia, Central Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

The ABI Platform

ABI’s editorial criteria uses the following 5 considerations as guidelines to determine the universe of companies to be included and tracked going forward. Companies will be included in the ABI database who are yet to release a presentation. These companies will be monitored to ensure a presentation is captured when made available.

Index Constituent

Is the company a constituent of a sovereign or recognised Market Capital based Index?


Is the company investible and does it maintain a reasonable level of liquidity through the regular trading of its stock?

User Requests

The ABI document acquisition team are happy to include user company lists provided those companies are within the ABI country universe.

Sector Relevance

Is the company important to its sector? A large high profile company may have a small market capitalisation as a consequence of third party or a government holding but the company commands significant market share.

Market Profile Company

Would include semi privatised government utilities or similar entities. A small company that is a growth stock operating within an important high growth sector. Companies under or entering into major restructuring that will impact a sector and industry. These and other examples will determine that ABI will track such entities for inclusion.

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